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Build Egyptian Home Decor

Egyptian home decor – There are several types of home decoration Egyptian. There are antiques and collectibles that require a big budget design. Far more accessible are the pieces that are reproductions of Egyptian antiquities. Then there are the furniture and accessories that offer reasons for Egypt is famous, such as pyramids, pharaohs and real lions. Heavyweight materials are preferred, such as stone, marble and solid wood, although some Egyptian copies can be made of lightweight resin with faux finishes. Look for interesting details like hand-painting, sculpture, engraving, inlaid panels, distressed finishes, patterns and ornate decorations.

Most furniture of Egyptian home decor is not small or cramped interiors. Chairs could resemble thrones, with prominent seat backrests and armrests. Tables and shelves are often pedestal style with glass tops and carved statues as supports. An elegant couch in a rich texture carpet could fill a corner and a shelf flanked by columns can consume most of a wall.

An Egyptian home decor adds a real sense of a room. It can be quite formal, but there are ways to make it more comfortable and casual if desired. Try adding low floor cushions Ottomans or comfortable seating. Making a corner or niche luxury altarpiece adding your own family photographs. Create an interesting contrast filling in a beautiful vase with wildflowers.

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