Build Bunk Bed With Desk Underneath For Children

Author: Juliette G. Gates | Categories: Small Desk comments
Modern White Bunk Bed With Desk Underneath For Kids

It sometimes happens that your child’s room becomes too small and it is sometimes necessary to find ways to save space. The bunk bed with desk underneath for children is an interesting alternative that saves space in height and to save the ground. If you know the steps, it is possible to make yourself a loft bed.

The first step in the manufacture of the bunk bed with desk underneath child is the creation of the framework with the wooden slats that depending on the size form a frame-fixing with screws to assemble everything use the brackets.

After creating the framework of the bunk bed with desk underneath for children, it is time to create a support for the mattress with the wooden boards. Attach the bracket to the frame by using screws and brackets. Then cut the poles to the requested length, secure them to the frame using the bolts and screws. To consolidate all, attach the wooden slats between the posts at the back and sides of the brackets with screws and bolts. Add a railing and attach it to the frame leaving space for scale. For the bed is nice to look at, sand it, you can paint it or shine with colors of your choice.

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