Carpet Cat Tree Climb Ideas

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Carpet Cat Tree Tower

Carpet Cat Tree – If you have cats and want to increase the joy in your life, consider building a tree to climb it. These toys can be simple to design and build, even if you have limited knowledge about carpentry or other construction projects. The materials are readily available.

If this is the first time we are building a carpet cat tree, you can want start with a simple design. Consider a simple construction with a carpet pole perch on top. Once you master this project can move on to trees with more layers and a variety of perches. For one fashion model simple, get a carpet tube, which will be the “trunk” of the tree climbing. Carpet tubes can be easily found in carpet shops, as they tend to discard the heavy cardboard tubes, and will give you for free. Also a base for the tree is required. You can use an inexpensive sheet of plywood or agglomerate. You can also use plywood or agglomerate to roost.

Measure accurately before cutting the tube carpet cat tree. Make sure that the height of the tube does not go beyond the plywood base can support. A 1 m height carpet tube is ideal for a plywood base of 0.9 x 0.9 m. have cut on to cut the pipe, because you will use an electric circular saw.

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