How To Convert A Closet In A Computer Armoire Desk

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Computer Armoire Desk Furniture

You can convert closet furniture in a computer armoire desk without a lot of tools or expertise. Use a flat screen monitor and a wireless keyboard and mouse to reduce clutter and allow more room to work. TV cabinets designed to have only one shelf, and will likely be at the right height for use as a computer armoire desk. If additional shelves, measure the height of your monitor and remove the shelves that are in the way. Use a hole saw to cut 3.7 to 5 cm hole in the back of the cabinet to the bottom. When setting up the equipment in the cabinet, route the cables through the hole before connecting. Install keyboard drawer under the existing platform.

Cut a piece of cork to fit inside of a closet door, or buy adhesive cork squares and cut them if necessary. Install a lamp under the counter at the top in the closet, or the bottom of the shelf above the computer armoire desk. Use your hole saw to cut a hole in the closet near where the cable to the device connected to the fitting, and place the cable in the back of the closet.

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