How To Make Laptop Pillow Desk

Author: Juliette G. Gates | Categories: Small Desk comments
Laptop Pillow Desk Picture

Laptop pillow desk provide a small and strong surface that can perform many tasks lying on your bed or sitting in a comfortable seat. The padded portion bottom of the laptop desk pad rests comfortably on your lap, while the sturdy wooden top covered with fabric.

Instructions to make laptop pillow desk: Stretch out your fabric and draw a rectangle as the top of the laptop desk. Cut a strip of cloth which connecting the desk top to the bottom. Place one of the rectangles of fabric face down. Wrap the fabric strip around the perimeter of the rectangle and use straight pins to attach the two pieces. Then, sew a straight stitch.

Turn the box to put the good side up and place the second rectangle of fabric face down on the two pieces. Put pins around the edge of the top box to attach the strip in half and sew with a straight. Flip the laptop cover the open end desktop. Cut two pieces of foam to form a rectangle and put it to cover the open end. Fold the edges at the open end in and sew a straight stitch to close the cover. Then, be a laptop pillow desk.

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