How To Replace Broken Vanity Mirror

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Vanity Mirror With Lights

To safety and comfortable use of vanity mirror it is important for you to replace the broken one of it on your vanity desk. It can be dangerous for you even for your children when they are in your bedroom near the broken mirror. Before replacing it you should buy the new mirror from market supply which is have same size with the broken one.

To replace the broken vanity mirror just follow some instructions below.

  1. 1.  Use hand gloves to protect your hands from mirror pieces around the desk.
  2. 2.  Use screw driver to unbolt the bolts that hold the mirror on the vanity table.
  3. 3.  Remove the mirror from the vanity slowly then put the pieces from the desk to the ash can. Make sure they are gone from the vanity desk.
  4. 4.  Bring and install the mirror replacement with bolt the mirror by using screw driver, do it in carefully and slowly.
  5. 5.  Make sure the bolt have held the mirror in tightly.

Those are the ways to replace the broken vanity mirror on the vanity desk. To prevent the mirror break you have to avoid make a big quiver on the desk. If you are desired you can read my early post

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