Upholstered Swivel Desk Chair

Author: Beverly A. Douglas | Categories: Office Desk comments
Swivel Desk Chair Wood

In this briconsejo we will learn how to upholster a swivel desk chair, a restore job very helpful in giving a new look to our usual rotating chair. Step by step to upholster a swivel desk chair. Work will begin releasing the support we will upholstery. Use a screwdriver to introduce between the upholstery and plastic structure, pushing hard. Then also split the seat of the metal base, removing the attachment screws. Introducing the new fabric with pins holding it temporarily modifying their position until finally tighten the fabric. To strengthen the fabric we will replace the pins by staples.

Initially will place an anchor point on each side swivel desk chair to work safely that the fabric is released. Then we cut the excess around the perimeter to prevent unsightly bulges. Finished back, we focus on the chair seat. We dropped carefully staples that hold the liner auction, and that we will use, and we’ll be upholstered in the same way as the backup. Finally, look back lining. We have two upholstered pieces, so we can only connect them back to the chair frame. We will place the backup by pressing with the plastic; We screw up regulator and check that it is securely seated.

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